Agonee Innovation Co., Ltd.


        Founded in 2016, Agonee stands as a testament to the transformative power of design, dedicated to infusing everyday items with innovation that transcends the ordinary. Our commitment to redefining the aesthetics of living spaces and promoting a lifestyle that marries simplicity with sustainability is unwavering. 

        Situated in Los Angeles, our impressive 35,000 sqft warehouse serves as the hub of our operations. This strategic location not only facilitates the efficient handling of orders but also empowers us to offer seamless local deliveries. At Agonee, we possess the capability to cater to the needs of small businesses, retail store chains, and wholesale departments, ensuring our designs are accessible to a diverse range of customers. 

        As part of our commitment to fostering local economies, Agonee actively collaborates with and supports small businesses. We understand the importance of these enterprises in contributing to the unique tapestry of each community.

        Recognizing the importance of local presence and accessibility, We leverage our established local warehouses, operational since 2016. These warehouses play a pivotal role in streamlining our distribution process, guaranteeing that our unique, contemporary designs are readily available to our customers. The advantage of these strategically located facilities translates into swift deliveries, allowing us to seamlessly integrate into the fabric of local communities. 

        Agonee's dedication to accessibility extends beyond online platforms. In 2023, Agonee has intensified its focus on in-store selling, reaffirming our commitment to local communities and fostering direct connections with our customers. While our online presence remains robust, we recognize the unique value that in-store experiences bring to the shopping journey. This approach not only supports local businesses but also provides customers with the opportunity to experience and interact with our products firsthand. Through these partnerships, we aim to foster a sense of community and connection, making our designs more accessible and relatable to individuals who appreciate quality and style. 

        Our commitment to local independent stores goes beyond mere transactions. We view these partnerships as collaborations, allowing us to tailor our offerings to the unique tastes and preferences of different communities. By understanding the distinctive character of each locality, we ensure that our designs seamlessly integrate into diverse living spaces. 

        As Agonee continues to make waves in the world of home design, our focus remains on creating a meaningful impact at the local level. Join us in celebrating the fusion of design, accessibility, and community. Experience Agonee—where innovation meets your doorstep, and local independent stores become the canvas for our transformative designs.